Baby Sheila

Big Baby Sheila

     Athletic, adventurous with an energy that never halts and a smile that never stops, with an ear for music and a never fatiguing hand for writing/illustrating children's stories, a little entertainer hiding behind her little "Pebbles" face, #1 singles and #2 doubles in women's tennis in Kansas, eight years of ballet, lived with a french family in Grenoble, France and visited various countries, Teen USA Pageant, children's theater accompanied by private vocal lessons, varsity tennis team, honor student, who went off to Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, TX where she was a Delta Gamma and Pi Kappa Alpha lil' sis, and achieved a business degree with a concentration in marketing.

     Fate was her belief as it led her to Orange County in sunny, Southern California. She made a name for herself by doing outside sales and at the same time moving forward with her acting. As a host/promotion guest coordinator for the TV show "Love Connection," she moved to LA having her first daily television credit. She became a Screen Actor's Guild member in four months. Sheila has formal on-camera training in commercials, scene study, audition technique, film tech, cold reading and physical action labs along with improvisation and voice over. Joining the Academy Player's Directory, she is like the energizer bunny who keeps going on and on and on.......Various roles both in television and film have sent her from one end of the spectrum to the opposite. Her co-starring role with Eric Roberts as Jeanette put her into the producing realm. It was picked up by a distributor and has sold to both the international and domestic markets. The video can be found at Hollywood Video stores. The next step targeting HBO, ShowTime, etc. Another rewarding project led her on the road as an abused wife with an alcoholic husband. Her improv skills led her into an incredible world where believability captured you with sudden tears. A guest at a trailer trash wedding reception brought her into a loud and funny type character. An explosive pounding on the door where her husband was with another woman made her run emotionally down a hotel hallway and down the stairs dragging her two children alongside her. The camera moving across the front of her face caught the intense stare of shock and fear. Seeing a view of the end of the world in the living room of the farmhouse, she was alongside her husband and son. A thirsty girl whose car had just broken down on the highway was stumbling through the desert sand looking for a Coke. A hiker whose boyfriend makes her climb to the point of the highest mountain. Hosting both for the potential guests of Love Connection and for her own Cooking Show kept the improv skills at their best! The psychic who knows all keeps an eye on the world of Paradise Lake.

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