There’s no place like home. Yes, I’ve relocated back to Wichita, Kansas for those two special people in my life: my parents. I am still available and ready for hire nationwide by plane, train, automobile, computer and phone. Just ring CAMPBELL Management and your needs will be met for any genre: actress, consultation, producer, print work, speaking engagements and voice overs. At your request, the Hollywood trained actress will be there to give you the professionalism that has been earned after ten years in Los Angeles. Hollywood Experienced and Ready for Hire.

   Here I am with the sophistication of an Audrey Hepburn to the look of a young Elizabeth Taylor in “National Velvet” with the emotional range of a Jodie Foster in “The Accused” to a southern, comedic character as Holly Hunter in “Raising Arizona” to a sultry Michelle Pfeiffer in “Fabulous Baker Boys.” I follow direction and have an energy and glow that never disappears. Being, of course, in-between Oscars right now, I will be easy to get in contact with so check my website out, call or send an e-mail, and I’ll come in, read for you, and you’ll definitely have your next Academy Award winner! That’s how easy it really is!!

   WAIT!!! I've made it even easier for you. Spend a couple minutes and you will find a few voice overs, many pictures of moi in different looks and how about two video clips to watch. After all that, you won't even have to ask me in to do a screen test, just fax over the contracts and we'll get started in the morning…;-)


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